Help. Hope. Healing

“There was nowhere to go. We had to get help.” — David

Help at the perfect Time

“We came here without food or blankets.” — Kira

True Hope

“That Thanksgiving meal let me know there was still hope.” — Kenneth

Real Healing

“When you’re homeless, you feel hopeless. You’re broken.” — Andrew

Tacoma’s Homeless Crisis

People stay trapped in homelessness because they don’t have a way out. But when you provide meals to those in need, you become a Bridge to Hope. Each $2.02 meal can bridge the gap and become the first step in a path out of homelessness.

Dead-Ends & Bridges

For most people, eighteen is the age of freedom. For Gerhardt, who grew up in foster care, it was the year his homelessness began. The day he turned 18 he was out of the system and on the streets.

A teenager, completely on his own.

“I was so depressed that I was contemplating suicide,” he says. “I didn’t see my life or future going anywhere.” Gerhardt was hopeless. And if you dare to put yourself in his place, you can’t blame him. “Close your eyes,” he says. “Imagine not having a family anymore. Not having a roof over your head. All of it, just gone. Imagine not knowing if you’ll eat today, or if you’ll ever feel warm again. That’s what homeless is.”

The Meal. The Bridge. You.

It wasn’t until Gerhardt came to Tacoma Rescue Mission for a meal, which friends like you helped provide, that he was able to discover a bridge to hope — and a life with a future.

“Now that I have people helping me get to where I need to be, it’s awesome,” he says. “I got my high school diploma. I’m getting lots of job training, and I’m learning how to drive. The Mission and these people, they’ve been a godsend.” That’s what your gifts can do.

Meet Gerhardt

You can be a bridge to Hope

You care about people and you care about your community. That’s why you are here on this website. Bridges to Hope is an incredible way to make a difference for your neighbors who need it most by bridging the gap from homelessness to help, hope and healing.

Be a Bridge

It starts when you give $2.02 Meals

At the Tacoma Rescue Mission, we know there are many reasons why someone ends up homeless. But a meal is the first step to healing. Meals open the door to our other services that allow our guests to rebuild their lives through safe shelter, counseling, job-training, education, addiction recovery and more.

Bridge the gap between hopelessness and hope with each $2.02 meal you give!

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